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Next Craft meeting Thursday 27th June


6:30 start


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17th October 2024

Note 6:15 Start


New Tracing Board Commissioned:

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Leslie Thornett

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Lodge of Instruction

The Lodge of Instruction meets on the first Monday of the month from September to April, when the Preceptor's Festival takes place.

The first Monday in June is generally reserved for the LoI Social Committee.

The Preceptor is W Bro Jackie Chapman. (See the Brethren page.) Brethren are encouraged to attend LoI to advance their Masonic knowledge, develop confidence in delivering ritual and enjoy Masonic friendship within this more informal setting. Brethren of the Lodge of Instruction have remarked that the learning curve, though steep, is good fun and that the social get together at a nearby hostelry afterwards is equally helpful in finding out about Freemasonry in general and the Lodge of St Michael in particular.


The covid pandemic precluded LoI for over two years, but it is hoped things are returning to normal now.




Monday 8th April 2024:

Read about the Preceptor's Festival 2024 on this date on the Blogpage.

Monday 7th November 2022:

The Lodge of Instruction was opened by the Worshipful Master of LOI at the usual time with 12 members present.

The 1st Degree ceremony was then practised with all members present taking a role, our Lodge WM acting as the candidate.

Most of the floor work was practised with the exceptions of the Tracing Board and Charge.

Friendly banter and discusions also took place and the meeting was closed at 20:30, earlier than usual as we started on time.

The next LOI is on Monday 5th December when it is hoped as many members as possible will turn up.


Monday 3rd October 2022

The LoI was supported by ten Brethren of the Lodge of St Michael with a prospective joining Brother in addition - welcome, Brother Ken! A 1° was rehearsed, with the Lecture Master acting as Candidate; Bro Leslie Thornett occupied the Master's Chair. Time precluded every aspect of the ceremony being rehearsed, but it was a convivial occasion, with interesting discussion and several Brethren generously committed themselves to floorwork for the next LoI. The meeting concluded at 20.45. All Brethren of the Lodge are encouraged to attend. Next Lodge of Instruction meeting 7th November - hope to see you there!

Notes by David Broughton, Secretary


Preceptor's Festival 2022

On Monday 4th April the Lodge held the first Preceptors Festival in three years. Bro Peter Stokes (SW in the Lodge) took the chair. The WM Worshipful Brother John Watkins acted as Candidate for the evening. The Brethren acquitted themselves well with special mentions for Bro Adrian Thompson and Brother John Burton, NE Corner and Tracing board respectively. WB John Watkins said he enjoyed the event and it bought back good memories of when he was first initiated.

After the ceremony we retired to the festive board where the Entered apprentice song was performed. Sadly the evening came to an end and a chain was formed, Auld Land Syne sang then we departed with love and harmony.

Notes by Peter Stokes

Preceptor's Festival 2019

The 2019 Perceptor's Festival was held at Dagger Lane 1st April, with Brother Shaun Rennison in the chair. The WM, Worshipful Brother Terry Black acted as candidate for the evening.The brethren aquitted themselves well and WB Terry Black commented that it bought back memories for him, all good. The evening ended with an enjoyable festive board and the Preceptor declaring that every Brother had done their best.             

Preceptor's Festival 2018

The Lodge of Instruction Open Night took place this year on Monday 23rd April. Bro John Watkins (SW in the Lodge) took the Master's Chair and a First Degree Ceremony was enacted with W. Bro. Tony Calvert (WM in the Lodge) carrying on the Lodge tradition by acting as the Candidate for the evening. The Brethren aquitted themselves well and W. Bro. Calvert remarked that the experience had brought back warm memories, especially as he had been initiated in Cyprus! The evening ended with a convivial Festive Board; the Preceptor having declared himself satisfied that every Brother had done his best.





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